Computer Science - A basic skill, not an optional one– Obama...
03 Feb 2016 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 243 Views

    It’s completely true that the computers in our era are ceaseless. Be it codes, security management, data encapsulation everything has its own relevance. There cannot be a day where the automatic petrol fillers will be replaced by something that did not need a buoyancy-checker controlled by some machine language, the machines in the hospitals will be replaced by something without computer memories in it. We are obsessed with the machines that are still controlled b..

NASA successfully tests its GL-10 prototype...
10 Nov 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 197 Views

It was only in the Hollywood movies that we saw the vertical take-off aircraft flying successfully. Even though the idea of vertical lift-off isn’t a new concept but it’s a noteworthy of all the latest technological breakthroughs in the realm of aviation. The prototype aircraft was recently tested in the NASA Langley Research Center. The aircraft named as the Greased Lightning 10, more widely referred as the GL-10 is a 10 engine aircraft which is powered to perform a vertical take-..

13 Oct 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 442 Views

I was travelling to my workplace on a regular Monday morning, being in Mumbai – everyone has to commute in one of the world’s busiest public transports – the LOCAL TRAINS! Everyday my arm would be pulled by one of the under privileged kids asking for money and food. I look at them in dejection and with a sense of sympathy, to look out for some eatables with me so that I could help these helpless kids to quell their hunger. The adolescent kids who have no meaning to their life, startin..

Measure your successes with the experiences of failure!...
07 Oct 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 180 Views

Working in a customer service sector is ensuring that you have patience and skill to listen to irate customers and provide reliable reasons for not offering the services they pay for and quell their anger. I handle customers who are irate, perplexed, agitated and sometimes jolly. It’s how you tackle them and how dexterous you’re in turning unsatisfactory situations into satisfactory ones. I had an innate technique of building rapport with my customers which my colleagues found it futil..

From a US Marine Captain to Head of Customer Logistics in Flipkart – Dan Rawson!...
23 Sep 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 184 Views

Flipkart recently appointed three executives from top firms like Amazon, Google, eBay and Microsoft in the different realms of its organisation. The recent appointment of Customer Logistics and Supply Chain Ecosystems Dan Rawson, Director of Engineering – Accounting, Ravi Byakod and Head of Product Management for Digital Goods and Services Anand Lakshminarayanan has been confirmed recently. Amongst them, Dan Rawson’s story is really optimistic and alluring. Born and brought up in t..

F 35 and SOM J pair together for a supersonic annihilation machine!...
21 Sep 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 213 Views

Imagine a supersonic flight, travelling at a lightning speed of 1,930 kmph, single seat, single engine, and stealth aircraft with a missile being able to engage targets at a range of 500 – 1000 km. Doesn’t it sound devastating? It does. The ginormous aerospace manufacturing company Lockheed Martin has joined hands with the Turkish company Roketsan for manufacturing missiles for the F 35 aircraft jets. The new SOM J missiles are to be used with the F 35 jets as mid - range cruise attack..

Yeh to Indian hai “BOSS” – India takes a leap for its self-made operating system!...
18 Sep 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 326 Views

I was 6 years old when I first saw a desktop which had a CPU below the monitor. It was in the mid-1990s. 20 years and we still see the Windows operating system on 99% of the computers or laptops, nevertheless to those who can afford a Mac; it has its own operating system. The Indians have finally thought of some alternative which began in 2006. They have been working diligently for almost 8 years on a project which will be launched by the end of this month. Finally a desi touch to the oper..

Drone Pilots in need for the Future! ...
17 Sep 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 220 Views

Drone pilots will be in plethora in China, says the recent studies. Drones have been a technological marvel for unmanned aerial vehicle. Nevertheless, the recent improvisations and amendments for a commercial purpose have necessitated a need of “Drone pilots” in China. You heard it right, “Drone Pilots.” With the increasing number of drones for multifarious purposes, and the cost of these drones dwindling day by day with the surge in demand, there has been an alarming need fo..


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