Toppr - A Brainiac's Valhalla!...
02 Oct 2015 Published by Yuvan Subramani 176 Views

                                It's a common thing in India, to pursue one's dreams based on the conceptions of the society that looks for materialistic pleasure, rather than giving the freedom for people to think of their own to get a life, based on individualistic satisfaction, which is happiness in itself. Though this situation is slowly changing, with more people embracing the idea of individualistic success, th..

Limeroad - The start-up that has women going crazy for fashion!...
29 Sep 2015 Published by Yuvan Subramani 184 Views

There are cliches, (and so many flat jokes in Whatsapp and memes on Facebook!) that actually covers the so-called attitude of women in accessorizing themselves with make-up and other paraphernalia. Though one should not subscribe to the modern day notions as such, breaking the monotony with concepts of beauty being about perceptions, there are some things that a common woman can't resist as far as fashion is considered. And Limeroad, is a start-up that is reaching out to these women! Limero..


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