Drones - The buzzing bees of modern day technology!...
29 Sep 2015 Published by Yuvan Subramani 170 Views

The idea of having drones for various purposes has always been amusing for the human mind, from a long time ago. These drones are  used for a number of purposes, some of them very particular, like in fields of defence. But can these drones be used for something more than just these material purposes limited by the specifications of the field involved? Drones, technically called as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and also called as the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), by the International Civ..

Drone Pilots in need for the Future! ...
17 Sep 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 224 Views

Drone pilots will be in plethora in China, says the recent studies. Drones have been a technological marvel for unmanned aerial vehicle. Nevertheless, the recent improvisations and amendments for a commercial purpose have necessitated a need of “Drone pilots” in China. You heard it right, “Drone Pilots.” With the increasing number of drones for multifarious purposes, and the cost of these drones dwindling day by day with the surge in demand, there has been an alarming need fo..


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