RIL extends JIO brand with fashion e-commerce portal Ajio...
03 Apr 2016 Published by Rahul Verma 1476 Views

Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), the diversifying conglomerate, has expanded its presence in retail fashion with portal Ajio.com, focused on high-fashion brands. The new launched portal will showcase the largest collection of private labels for women online. According to company sources, some 60% of the merchandise it sells, including national and international brands and Indie (ethnic fusion) wear, will be exclusively available on the portal. The fashion will be aimed at 18-34-year groups.Th..

02 Jan 2016 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 321 Views

The virgin rays of the sun dying out behind the mountains. The birds flying south to feed their younger ones. Her eyes were heavy, swollen due to one of the age-old health problems most of them face. Her entire body was wrinkled in time, fighting for survival. Having her hands clamped near her chin, she is awestruck by the naive movements of her grandson. The swollen eyes shed a tear to witness such happiness. The eyes resemble still the same love and compassion; she gave to her son decades ago..

"I need good music" - My heart said. ...
02 Jan 2016 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 244 Views

Sometimes words do not have the power to convey some feelings, they are limited in their scope. Our life is another story where we have moments of joy, agony, torment, surprise, and exhilaration. It’s all part of this fascinating play where every day you have to resemble a character and put your soul in it accordingly. During the day, there is a possibility that you are lost, sapped of energy, moments that force you to give up just because it’s not your cup of tea and very often people don..

02 Jan 2016 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 307 Views

Some memories or incidents in our life stay forever. There can be few experiences which are dreadful and disheartening. Though we try to forget them they hardly can be expunged. Bits and pieces of those memories are still left with us.People work to feed themselves and their families, live in walls built with cemented concrete slabs which they call as “Home” and live a happy life. Amongst all these merrier things, there are hindrances in life which are created by the jobs, any goals to be me..

Dissertation of the word "Hmm..."...
11 Dec 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 212 Views

The word Hmmm… states a lot of things in life. It all started off with a moment of realization, a soul speaking the heart out – things you never wanted to believe, things that you never dreamt off in your wildest dreams, making you numb and make you think “Is it real?” The Hmmm creates a vibe of something which is a truth but is a fallacy of the things you feel is feasible. There are some things of truth that you fail to connect and believe. Yes, that’s how the way it is! We all have t..

Are you lost? - Asked the conscious mind....
20 Oct 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 202 Views

Do memories exist?? Do they fade away as time paves way for the new beginnings? Why is it difficult to forget somethings that doesn’t last forever and things that are with us, which are ours are hard to remember? Are some people too ignorant to consider all the things as unimportant and keep it in their temporal lobe which is considered as the part which stores temporary data? Are we too workaholic to enjoy the basic shifts of life – to smile, eat healthy, stay fit, happy, make memorie..

GRESB declares Mahindra Lifespaces Regional Sector Leader in Asia for Sustainability...
03 Sep 2015 Published by J Ranjan 194 Views

Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited (MLDL), the real estate and infrastructure development arm of the Mahindra Group, has been recognized as an industry leader in real estate Sustainability best practices and initiatives for the second year in a row, by being ranked Regional Sector Leader for Listed, Asia, Industrial, in the 2015 GRESB Survey report released today.Additionally, two of the company’s initiatives in the areas of Sustainability Education and Construction Best Practices have been..

Lifesize Introduces Cloud-Based Recording, Launches Industry’s First YouTube-Style Personal Video Library for Viewing ...
03 Sep 2015 Published by J Ranjan 212 Views

 Lifesize, a division of Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI) (SIX:LOGN), today announced its latest innovation, Lifesize® Cloud Amplify™, the industry’s first YouTube™-style personal video library approach to recording and sharing video content within and across companies.Addressing the need for an easy way to record and play back video calls, Lifesize Cloud Amplify enables participants to effortlessly record Lifesize Cloud calls from any device with one click and share them via a simple-to-use,..

Work life balance in Hyperlocal Startups and companies of all size ( Part III )...
04 Aug 2015 Published by J Ranjan 291 Views

Note: This is first part of a 3 Series article. Other 2 parts can be checked via "View All" tab in the "Hyperlocal" section.Recommendations: Herein mentioned are the recommendations by me for the individual employees, managers, teams and organizations. I would like to depict it as “Working Smarter” in order to maintain a balanced life while at work or meeting business goals. INDIVIDUALS: Employees should regularly analyze the tasks they perform and..

Work life balance in Hyperlocal Startups and companies of all size ( Part II )...
04 Aug 2015 Published by J Ranjan 307 Views

Note: This is 2nd part of a 3 Series article. Other 2 parts can be checked via "View All" tab in the "Hyperlocal" section.Based upon the researches, I have found that there are two types of conflict.   (1) Work-to-family conflict where work interferes with the family life of employees.   (2) Family-to-work conflict where family interferes with the work life of employees.   Mentioned below are the factors of conflict in work..


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