Have an App idea, and worried what to do next?...
23 Sep 2016 Published by Prity Chandra 736 Views

Are you an Entrepreneur, working professional or a student and want to create your own business app for enhancing your brand value on mobile platform as well, but don’t have any idea how to do it?  There is no doubt you would have N number of questions, such as how to design my app, how should the app function, How to create it, what cost it will take to design it etc.  If you are one of those, then I am sure this article will help you to answer all your questions related..

KPIT goes Digital for its Parking System with Smart Parking App!...
03 Aug 2016 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 524 Views

Are you amongst the ones who hop in your vehicle and reach late to office because of the endless traffic? Well, you are not alone.By large, Pune tops the chart in the percentage of vehicles owned by families, followed by Mumbai. The survey states that the percentage of two – wheelers in Pune district is 48.8% compared to Mumbai which amounts to only 16.6%. Consequently, this results in congestion in traffic flow around the city. This, in turn, affects the work ethics, thereby affecting resourc..

Ola, Uber starts bike taxi service in Bengaluru...
05 Mar 2016 Published by Rahul Verma 306 Views

Bengaluru is now turning to a turf of sharp contest over on-demand bike taxi initiative, online app-based cab aggregator Ola and Uber have introduced a similar services.The arch rivals made decision to start two wheeler service after growing demand of bikes in personal transport, also cheap and ease over messy traffic in metropolitan cities.UberMOTO service, will have a base fare of Rs.15, Rs.3 per km meanwhile Ola will charge Rs.2 for every km apart from Rs.1 per minute ride time charge, on a b..

Indian cricketers’ to ‘Masterstroke’ premium sports apparel brands...
22 Feb 2016 Published by Rahul Verma 496 Views

The cricket is considered as one of the biggest religion in India. Indian cricketers known for their charisma and hard-hitting attitude in arena to ‘pad-up’ for the active sports apparel brands in India.We all know, Harbhajan Singh ‘Bhajji’, master of doosra in cricketing world, has started his sports apparel Bhajji  Sports, which sponsored Punjab team in Ranji season.The hard hitter captain wicketkeeper Captain MS Dhoni roped in by active lifestyle brand ‘Seven’ as global brand..

Apple Inc. to ‘Make in India’ firm base...
16 Feb 2016 Published by Rahul Verma 259 Views

The 'Apple' effect -        The tech titan is planning to open company-owned stores in India.-        To open first technology development centre outside the US. -        To expand its base in India after Modi and Cook’s meet on ‘positive’ note.       -             Big efforts may give presence in ‘D..

Smart Watches - Going ‘Tech-Smart’!...
30 Jan 2016 Published by Rahul Verma 309 Views

India is becoming testing grounds for ‘smart watches’ market, which is highly yielding segment anticipating national and international brands. The revolutionary momentum in watch market is first geared up by luxury watches and now elevated with the high end technology to outsmart dull going analog era. Multi-brand market The giants of smart technology, the Apple and Samsung have jump start in segment with Apple iWatch priced (Rs 30,000), Motorola Moto 360 (17,999), Sony Smart..

SAFER: A Pendent to make you feel safe...
16 Oct 2015 Published by Aprajita Dixit 170 Views

Living in Delhi or Mumbai cannot be safe sometimes; we regularly hear news about sexual abuse towards women.  Especially after 2012, Nirbhaya incident Delhi people still do not feel confident about passing various shady places. Being safe in places likes and feeling safe is very important for every woman. Seeing the need to empower women about how to keep themselves safe five IIT Delhi graduates, Avinash Bansal, Ayush Banka, Chiraag Kapil, Manik Mehta, and Paras Batra started looki..

Voodoo, a complete different shopping experience this festive season...
13 Oct 2015 Published by Aprajita Dixit 188 Views

With festive season upfront, shopping is a must whether it is for clothes, home products, electronics or any other product. To tick off products from list many customers are moving towards online shopping on various apps with are very conveniently providing offers and discounts for app only users. But Indians are very smart, they don't buy products on an impulse, they see, gather information from others, compare, find best price and then only they buy. For people working on desktop it..

AdmitSee - Out to make dreams come true!...
12 Oct 2015 Published by Yuvan Subramani 185 Views

      Ever set out to make a difference to your college admission process and ended up failing, severely in it? It's the problem with most people around the world, who are caught up in the mad rush for college admissions and academic excellence. Mostly, it is the parents who have this pressure. But there are twists! Now, with this age becoming increasingly participation-friendly, with its technological advancements and othe..

How health and technology go hand in hand in today's world...
12 Oct 2015 Published by Yuvan Subramani 189 Views

                                          "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", goes the saying. Well, that is more of a derivative of "Prevention is better than care", if you have an observant eye, and have a better one at that, compared to others. As far as the core idea goes, it is about t..


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