Preceyes | Accuracy and Precision | The new phase of micro surgery...
14 Sep 2016 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 391 Views

Technology is changing in the blink of an eye. To speak of eyes, technology made a remarkable breakthrough in micro surgery of eyes. The incredible eye operation that took place in London marked the beginning of a new tomorrow where accuracy and precision of robots will outperform manual surgery. Surgeries are very crucial as even a small err may cost human life. While robotic-assisted surgeries are quite common, however, it was the first time ever used inside the human eye. Mr. Bill Beaver,..

Corning Gorilla® Glass® 5 – The tough gets tougher!...
14 Sep 2016 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 278 Views

How often do you accidentally drop your phones in a year? Once, twice? Well, research says that a person drops his phone at least once in a year. Consequences may be different if you do not have new shatterproof glass - Corning Gorilla® Glass® 5! Light yet strong enough to resist a fall of about 1.6 meters (that’s approximately from your shoulder height) Corning’s important concern was the drop resistance which normally occurred from waist height or above! To take you a few y..

Save money by "Nothing New" Challenge...
02 Oct 2015 Published by Aprajita Dixit 417 Views

Every once in a while we hear of a new challenges that gets viral all over the internet, we see lot of people doing it for fun and various other reasons. Like ice bucket challenge, it went viral to such an extent that everyone was seen doing it from celebrities to common people. The latest challenge that is creating a buzz around everywhere is "Nothing New" challenge to save money. It is often seen that we buy stuff that we don't require but still we buy it because we have money and w..

Facebook to Compete with Twitter via 'Signal'...
20 Sep 2015 Published by Aprajita Dixit 176 Views

With the development of new technology by Facebook the days are not far, to know what trending people will have another site apart from Twitter to know it. To compete with micro blogging site Twitter, Facebook has launched a new tool called 'Signal'. This tool unveiled by Facebook is aimed towards helping journalist; they can use this tool to find what's trending in photos, videos, and public post across Facebook and Instagram. Signal is available for both Facebook and the Facebook-owned..

Lockheed comes in and BAE stays behind for the Australian Air Force...
14 Sep 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 154 Views

Royal Australian Airforce (RAAF) recently changed its air force basic training for its pilots from Tamworth, New South Wales to Sale, Victoria.  It will be effective from 2019. The biggest provider of aircrafts, “Lockheed Martin” has recently won the contract for a whooping period of 25 years. Earlier and till 2019, the contract will be handled by BAE Systems Australia, company of UK.  The main reason for this contract change was the profit the company showed over the 25 year..


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