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FDA approves Repatha to treat certain patients with high cholesterol...
31 Aug 2015 Published by J Ranjan 333 Views

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Repatha (evolocumab) injection for some patients who are unable to get their low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol under control with current treatment options.Repatha, the second drug approved in a new class of drugs known as PCSK9 inhibitors, is approved for use in addition to diet and maximally-tolerated statin therapy in adult patients with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HeFH), homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HoF..

Philips showcases new integrated Cardiology Solutions to advance minimally invasive procedures at the ESC Congress 2015...
31 Aug 2015 Published by J Ranjan 220 Views

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG AEX: PHIA) today announced its presence at the ESC Congress 2015, where the company is showcasing its latest cardiology solutions, including Heart ModelA.I., EchoNavigator and IntelliSpace Cardiovascular, that connect people and technology with care protocols to assist diagnosis, guide treatment and enable home care.Visitors to the Philips booth (#G200) will experience Philips’ holistic approach to cardiovascular care, featuring its best in class digital tools and capa..

Radon and Other Natural Sources of Radiation Exposure...
30 Aug 2015 Published by J Ranjan 317 Views

Even though many people may not be aware of it, radiation is all around them. In fact, this natural “background” radiation has been here since the birth of the universe.People are exposed to small amounts of radiation from natural sources every day. This radiation exposure can be measured. In the United States, the dose, which is the amount of radiation energy absorbed by the body, is most commonly reported in millirem (mrem). For example, a chest x-ray will cause a person to receive perhaps..

Fitbit Announces Broad Availability Across India and Launches FitStar Personal Trainer...
30 Aug 2015 Published by J Ranjan 429 Views

Fitbit, Inc ., the leader in the global connected health and fitness market, recently announced the nationwide availability of its full line of top-selling activity and sleep-tracking products in India, helping put a more active and healthy lifestyle within reach for Indians across the country. After an initial, successful launch on Amazon in June, the full Fitbit product line will be available progressively through September at leading Reliance Digital, Croma and Helios retail stores across Ind..

Mortality while awaiting a deceased donor transplant is highest in heart transplant (40%-50%) followed by liver transpla...
30 Aug 2015 Published by J Ranjan 311 Views

Thousands of people die every year due to failure of organs like liver, heart, kidneys etc. Though medical advances have paved the way for organ transplant in patients who suffer organ failure, availability of organ donors remains a particular concern in India.Awareness about organ donation is limited. Hence once a person is confronted with a hugely traumatic event of death of a near relative he is so overwhelmed by the tragedy that creating space for a organ donation in that state of mind becom..

These startups are leading the pack in healthcare technology space...
06 Aug 2015 Published by J Ranjan 280 Views

Whenever we walk into a hospital or medical assistance centers, we see thousands of patients walking into the cabins of doctors and specialists. The last decade has seen a lot of changes in the way healthcare and technology have come together. We have seen an extreme rise in funding for healthcare startups building on high tech demands and customer expectations. Healthcare and fitness has moved into wearables, smart watches recording our health stats. The flow of information in an uninterrupted..


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