Making your Brushing technique smart with Prophix...
20 Jun 2016 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 296 Views

The first and the foremost daily chore that we carry out after we wake up  - Brushing the teeth. Keeping the mouth free from cavities and germs. Standing in front of the wash basin, we take a minute to scan ourselves, tidy the messy hair and reach out for the toothbrush and toothpaste. As you approach, suddenly you realize this white shiny gadget right at the place where you brush used to fit. But what's this! Out of curiosity, you find out that it's a toothbrush and start brushing. Suddenl..

Reliance Jio Infocomm launches JioMoney Wallet...
11 May 2016 Published by Rahul Verma 832 Views

Mukesh Ambani-led telecom company Reliance Jio Infocomm has floated in its digital wallet service, JioMoney Wallet, for consumers on Android and iOS. The wallet service has been made live for the public after four months of testing within group.The wallet service will empower customers with hassle free bill payments, mobile recharges and insurance premium payments and online transaction, also allows users to send and receive money.According to report published in Economic Times, the company has..

Ola, Uber starts bike taxi service in Bengaluru...
05 Mar 2016 Published by Rahul Verma 306 Views

Bengaluru is now turning to a turf of sharp contest over on-demand bike taxi initiative, online app-based cab aggregator Ola and Uber have introduced a similar services.The arch rivals made decision to start two wheeler service after growing demand of bikes in personal transport, also cheap and ease over messy traffic in metropolitan cities.UberMOTO service, will have a base fare of Rs.15, Rs.3 per km meanwhile Ola will charge Rs.2 for every km apart from Rs.1 per minute ride time charge, on a b..

Telecom companies are aiming high on 4G in India ...
24 Feb 2016 Published by Rahul Verma 290 Views

-- The 4G (fourth-generation wireless) is the broadband mobile communication taking place of third-gen (3G). 4G is around five times faster than existing 3G, and it can provide download speeds of up to 100Mbps.After revolutionized mobile internet technology 3G, the 4G technology is all set to thrill mobile internet users with big players betting on high-speed connectivity in India.Leading telecom company Bharti Airtel Ltd. introduced first 4G services in India after successfully running 3G infra..

Apple Inc. to ‘Make in India’ firm base...
16 Feb 2016 Published by Rahul Verma 259 Views

The 'Apple' effect -        The tech titan is planning to open company-owned stores in India.-        To open first technology development centre outside the US. -        To expand its base in India after Modi and Cook’s meet on ‘positive’ note.       -             Big efforts may give presence in ‘D..

Smart Watches - Going ‘Tech-Smart’!...
30 Jan 2016 Published by Rahul Verma 305 Views

India is becoming testing grounds for ‘smart watches’ market, which is highly yielding segment anticipating national and international brands. The revolutionary momentum in watch market is first geared up by luxury watches and now elevated with the high end technology to outsmart dull going analog era. Multi-brand market The giants of smart technology, the Apple and Samsung have jump start in segment with Apple iWatch priced (Rs 30,000), Motorola Moto 360 (17,999), Sony Smart..

Mobile companies bullish on ‘Make In India’...
19 Jan 2016 Published by Rahul Verma 412 Views

The inclining growth of mobile phone users in India is attracting global handset and component manufacturer in ever emerging market.  As per the report from International Telecommunication Union (ICT), “the number of mobile subscription in India is registered to 7 billion in the 2015”.PM Narendra Modi’s robust ‘Make in India’ initiative, has gathered league of mobile makers under one roof to bring in as ‘Mobile Hub’ in global charts. As far as mobile manufacturing growth, Indi..

Want to capture light in slow motion – Femto photography!!...
02 Jan 2016 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 1131 Views

Imagine talking to a photon emitted by a laser and providing you vital information. A photon telling its story to you – where it had been travelling, where it was hit, how it bounced back and its journey back to the receiving device. Every tiny bit of information will be useful. We have cameras that work thousands of frames per seconds. Ever imagined a camera that can capture the light travel in slow motion. When I say slow motion - in millimeters of change which is around 0.6 mm per second. I..

HAARP - Future weapon obliterating life on Earth...
02 Jan 2016 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 440 Views

We all have heard of preparedness methods of having a natural disaster. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Volcanic eruptions many more which are enlisted in the list of natural disasters. Ever heard of man-made technology controlling the weather? Or man-made technology that is too powerful enough to create patterns for natural disasters that can be imposed on any part of the world? Sounds creepy and daunting isn’t it? Or do you feel such a technology is too advanced to be executed?The U.S Airf..

Solar Impulse - An eco-friendly aircraft!...
11 Dec 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 192 Views

Innovative attempts have been proposed to use the renewable energy resources so that the repercussions of an extensive use of natural resources on the environment can be substituted or reduced. Solar Impulse which is headed by Switzerland and backed up by major companies like Omega, Schindler, ABB and Google who are set to create an exploration to change the world. Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg are set to explore the world on a solar-powered aircraft! Yes, you heard it right. Only solar..


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