Solar Impulse - An eco-friendly aircraft!...
11 Dec 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 212 Views

Innovative attempts have been proposed to use the renewable energy resources so that the repercussions of an extensive use of natural resources on the environment can be substituted or reduced. Solar Impulse which is headed by Switzerland and backed up by major companies like Omega, Schindler, ABB and Google who are set to create an exploration to change the world. Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg are set to explore the world on a solar-powered aircraft! Yes, you heard it right. Only solar..

Li-Fi can be the possible source of future wireless data communication!...
11 Dec 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 236 Views

We use the internet throughout our day. You start your day by reading the newspapers online, use internet for your private life, professional life and keep yourself updated with the current affairs. They are the source of online music, online videos, gaming and the list can be endless. The Internet of Things also uses internet for almost all its basic functions which make the internet as a possible fundamental element analogous to water or electricity. We use this internet via the wireless commu..

NASA successfully tests its GL-10 prototype...
10 Nov 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 196 Views

It was only in the Hollywood movies that we saw the vertical take-off aircraft flying successfully. Even though the idea of vertical lift-off isn’t a new concept but it’s a noteworthy of all the latest technological breakthroughs in the realm of aviation. The prototype aircraft was recently tested in the NASA Langley Research Center. The aircraft named as the Greased Lightning 10, more widely referred as the GL-10 is a 10 engine aircraft which is powered to perform a vertical take-..

Where's all the money? - In our e-wallets......
31 Oct 2015 Published by Yuvan Subramani 277 Views

                             In recent times, money has become something of an entity, rather than the one we look for. We have become so technologically advanced that it might not be that convenient to use hard cash nowadays. With existing portals and also more and more coming up, each and everyday of our lives we are slowly getting warped into the use of money, digitally. If anything, the integration of banking and fina..

Protection of Gadgets - Not only a digital problem, but also a physical one!...
25 Oct 2015 Published by Yuvan Subramani 224 Views

           It's an interesting world we live in. The various things we need in today's world, have slightly drifted apart from the usual and cliched phrase "shelter, food and clothing". Now one might not expect everyone to be extremely tech-savvy or be up to date with that innovative Japanese robotic technology or this Indian breakthrough in the smartphone manufacturing sector. But, you cannot expect a person to be without a little bit of a technological advancement..

The White Space technology for Rural Connectivity!...
25 Oct 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 260 Views

India is known as a land of villages. As many as 6,38,000 villages are in India and they have minimum facilities of human settlement and survival. Technology is still a new word for them and they have no access of the existing technology. Most of the people in the rural areas are now aware of the mobile phones however smart phones are still a bewildering device for them as they are not exposed to the wonders the small device can deliver. Narendra Modi’s new project of Digital India is al..

The new element in electronics - MEMRISTOR...
20 Oct 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 233 Views

Ever imagined anything which is infinitesimal yet so powerful to revolutionize the technology? We had hardly heard of any new components in electronics other than resistors, inductors, capacitors, transistors and diodes. There hadn’t been any new technological breakthrough in the department of very large scale industries (VLSI) which involves manufacturing new components. Quite recently there has been a new improvement in the field of electronics and that is – MEMRISTOR! Yes you heard..

Perils of research for remembering the past...
20 Oct 2015 Published by Karthik Manohar Pillai 178 Views

Do you believe in afterlife? A majority of the human population would say yes, “Might be in another form, perhaps”, without any solid proof. Do you believe in the presence of your late loved ones around you whenever you’re in need of them?  But wait, that’s not possible right? Yes it is!Recently a study at the Havre University made this possible with a unique idea of having the presence of late loved ones with the help of a perfume. This started when a woman’s mother was unwilling..

A Freelancer's guide to using technology in succeeding......
16 Oct 2015 Published by Yuvan Subramani 171 Views

                                       Getting one's thoughts right about the message that needs to be conveyed and being successful in it with innovation and creativity requires immense and enormous innate talent and curiosity on part of the person who writes a text or an article. But, to get this in a presentable format to the readers is a mammoth task. So, one might require a platform - either..


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