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TRAI controller offshores FB’s Free Basics in India...
25 May 2016 Published by Rahul Verma 513 Views

In a key decision by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), supporting net neutrality, barred operators from charging different rates for internet access based on content, setback to Facebook’s  ‘Free Basics’ and ‘Airtel Zero’ plans. Trai directed telecom companies to abide with regulator otherwise stricter action and existing penalty provisions are decided to handle them. "It's not like that, that you can violate and continue paying penalty," Trai Chairman R..

Facebook introduces updating of video profiles - The Wonderloop way!...
02 Oct 2015 Published by Yuvan Subramani 472 Views

                             Facebook has always been one epic example for constant growth in terms of changing the interface with the demand of modern times. Be it the philosophical changing of the design of the Friends' List icon, or the changing of something as trivial as the stickers available, Facebook has been very quick in updating changes, as soon as the demand arises or the people get bored or find the handling m..

The Power of Social Media, Pic goes viral...
29 Sep 2015 Published by Aprajita Dixit 428 Views

The power of Social Media is unparalleled, a pic gets uploaded and then it is shared by millions of people, it goes viral and for few days it becomes the topic of conversation. Sometimes the person in the pic gets the desired attention he wants and sometimes this viral pic helps someone. In yet another instance the power of social media is proved and how it makes a difference in common peoples' lives.  A teenager Harendra Singh Chauhan received a much needed help for his educatio..

How Content Marketing And Enterprise Social Networking Together Are The Next Big Things?...
31 Jul 2015 Published by J Ranjan 439 Views

With our growing dependence on technology, we have begun to use more engaging platforms to communicate and market information. Content marketing has become an essential part of this communication, vital to the propagation of information and effective marketing. When online content is properly marketed, it helps improve your brand dramatically.When combined with social media, a rising platform an increasing number of companies are beginning to use, content marketing is powerful. Today, we are goi..


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